Radio Receiver

All sense perception is illusion, all is filtered: the eyes and the ears are but simulacra of actuality. Our mental maps can't do it any other way. They obscure that impossible ocean of energy surging its truth throughout the fundamental fabric of the Beyond.

So, basically, your five senses are lying to you.

They're lying because they are giving you a partial truth. White lies. Limited, mothering you, protecting you from daddy's overwhelming awesomeness. But they have to, because we can't look straight into the sun for very long; our eyes are only jelly.

Perhaps, then, when we delude our selves by choosing (whether knowingly or not) to see the world a certain way, that is why we then actually do start to see the world that way.

Nothing changes; it's the same (objectively) except for all the differences (subjectively).

Your belief system is a lot like a radio receiver, which you can tune to receive any of the available frequencies along its spectrum. You can fiddle the knob, you can surf the channels. That's the power built into the system itself, hard-coded into the very heart of the hardware.

Or, you know, you can just listen to some pop.




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