He starts to build a tower
Half of dream and half desire
While others live he's digging
He so badly wants to be.

He struggles to fuel the fire
Finds the dreams burn up so fast
But he labours on regardless
Days slip by until at last.

He's in love with what he's crafted
Won't see this cage he's made is he
Stays up till sunrise thinking
Picks at meals alone and free.

He is sad sometimes, frustrated
No one ever taught him
That his tower's to return to,
Not to dwell in, endlessly.

Still struggles to fuel the fire
Till his dreams dry up at last
But still he sits in silence
Too proud to leave, to flee.

Because he knows there's something to this,
He just knows it, must be,
So he labours on regardless
Forging  must be, must be.


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