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Cash for Gold

Every day I walk past these three "Cash for Gold" employees. Poor souls whose job it is to stand in the middle of St. George's Mall Street with chest-sized billboards hung around their necks.
Yesterday, just as I was pitying them, I looked down and I noticed as if for the first time how I was wearing a Nike t-shirt. I really saw it. And the message embedded itself deep, deep within my mind, much deeper than if someone had screamed it across the marketplace. We are creatures of vision after all.
The message was this: "You're mobile advertising." I couldn't shake this insight, and on the train ride home I noticed all the eyes bouncing off my t-shirt. Drawn there by - just what, exactly? The cool? The bright red color? The brainwashing?

And I realized then, sick to my stomach, how wearing branded t-shirts is like making yourself a walking billboard, no different from those Cash for Gold guys. The only difference being that they're getting paid to advertis…

Stepping into the Occult. Cue ghost noises.

Perhaps the secrecy and the scare tactics shrouding the Occult are there for a reason – you need to be both curious and brave to walk out into the dark unknown, alone outside the comfort of the group cave.

It's no place for the meek, not a path for the lily-livered, the path of cutting off capital to a Proper Noun. It's difficult to undermine the authority of the uppercase.

But I do think it's true what our notorious sage once said, that the meek shall inherit the earth. The brave though, and the curious, they'll step beyond the realm of bone and dirt and worms. They'll encounter the Holy Ghost, and perhaps if they see it through to the other side, perhaps they shall inherit the universe.

A world-wise man once said: "Yes, dude, but remember – curiosity also killed the cat."

So, no, it's not a path for the meek; to challenge the status of those in the quo.
It's a path of passing through specters.

By the way, I bet you don't actually know w…


The bone stuck through the flesh of his calf. He gritted his teeth, forcing his reeling mind to slow, to calm. He was no stranger to pain. Soon his awareness narrowed to a focused point, ready for the shaping. He pressed the splintered bone back into his leg, setting it against its other half. Then he tugged the strands of muscle back into place. Inky throbs of agony accompanied his every movement, and his vision swam, but he eased his awareness away from this distraction. With his free hand he clutched the paired talismans around his neck, drawing on their elemental properties to aid in the alchemy. Then he exhaled – once, slowly – and began to shape. A steady buzzing started at his center, growing louder and more insistent as he accelerated the flow of energy throughout his body, ever higher and higher, threatening to vibrate him asunder, until it pierced through crescendo in a steady squealing point. Then he spread his awareness through the wounded area, alert to all that was out of plac…

distance [picture poem]


the blue feeling


Interiors [picture poem]


The Sharpening III (prelude)

He sat for several minutes in the hollow of the bone vault, awaiting the three Faces of the Chimera. His mentors had been observing the Sharpening from a series of elevated platforms snaking above the proving grounds, and they were now making their way down to the bone vault. There they would meet the lone survivor and question his every action. And so the assassin sat in focused meditation, preparing himself for the encounter. By maintaining the disciplined calm of Samatha he soon quieted the energies still coursing through his veins. Once the drumming in his chest again beat steady he conjured up a mental picture of his pursuers. It had been necessary to imagine them as his mortal enemies during the trial, but now that the Sharpening was over he allowed reality to seep back in. There in his mind’s eye the projections of the cloaked hunters were drained of their menace until he was looking at the familiar features of his fellow Chimera: quick-witted Nisa-Ha-Sura who once was his lover,…