Stepping into the Occult. Cue ghost noises.

Perhaps the secrecy and the scare tactics shrouding the Occult are there for a reason – you need to be both curious and brave to walk out into the dark unknown, alone outside the comfort of the group cave.

It's no place for the meek, not a path for the lily-livered, the path of cutting off capital to a Proper Noun. It's difficult to undermine the authority of the uppercase.

But I do think it's true what our notorious sage once said, that the meek shall inherit the earth. The brave though, and the curious, they'll step beyond the realm of bone and dirt and worms. They'll encounter the Holy Ghost, and perhaps if they see it through to the other side, perhaps they shall inherit the universe.

A world-wise man once said: "Yes, dude, but remember – curiosity also killed the cat."

So, no, it's not a path for the meek; to challenge the status of those in the quo.

It's a path of passing through specters.


By the way, I bet you don't actually know what this word 'occult' really means. I bet you have certain connotations, but that your connotations don't accurately map onto the denotations (by denotations I mean the definitions listed under the dictionary entry, what a word truly is).

What's that? Oh, you think you're right and I'm wrong? You think occult is a noun, and it means ghosts and pentagrams and magic potions?

Okay, well (big grin) what about the verb? What does it mean to occult something...?

Image credit: 'The Sage' dictionary application. It's awesome. Download it here.



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