Vultures circle, I am jaded
World-weary but far from dead
I don't have to fear them yet, here
In the wasteland of whispered choices
I fear myself more than anything

So much lost time thinking things through.

Just overhead, smile creases of irony
Shape banks of cloud
Playing over the face of determination pulled
Taught across the sky
And the wind carries only silent laughter.

I have scaled these thoughtscapes
I am up and out of the furrows, now
I am stranded on the summit
Present floating flakes, the dry skin of insignificance.

Vultures circle, practiced patience so cruel but
I refuse fall prey

In animal eyes I have increased, past
A lost prophet to the kingdom of illusion
And shifting sands
A withering world of memory
Me; my somehow alien self
More brutal than we ever let imagine.

Warily I tread the line between love and hate
What's wired inside, what’s not in control
If nothing else now I know more than before

Adapted now, I lure the hungry talons down
I will eat them first and I will increase.

I refuse to fall prey
I refuse to fall prey


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